Since 2015, DTLV Arts has been a leader in the growth and development of the Las Vegas Arts District. With a focus on making the right moves for the neighborhood and its inhabitants, our projects go beyond simply building and leasing. Years of careful planning have gone into elevating the neighborhood’s identity, improving walkability, and welcoming unique and prosperous businesses to the area—all while fostering the Arts District’s authentic culture.

Like a microcosm of Las Vegas itself, our sizable portfolio of commercial properties—and the brands, businesses, and events they contain—have become world-famous. We have made vast improvements to The Arts Factory, including a colorful city pride mural that was featured in the New York Times. Under our creative direction, the DTLV Arts footprint (encompassing The Arts Factory, Art Square, 1st & Main, the Union House, and the historic Mission Linen building) has grown into a vibrant community of artists and makers. On top of our successful developments north of Charleston, we have expanded our vision to include properties south of Charleston—with our successful development project at 1301 S. Commerce and the soon-to-be improved 1700 S. Las Vegas Boulevard property. We also helped bring the Arts District’s first boutique hotel to the neighborhood north of Charleston.

Developing the Arts District is what we do. What’s most important is why we do it. Our passion is to design and engineer experiences while elevating the value and notoriety of the area, but our mission is to make life better for the people who live, work, and play here. With a combined 30,000 followers on our social media accounts, we’ve been able to support the Arts District community by sharing stories, promoting events, and spotlighting businesses. We’re proud to have created the perfect environment to host First Friday, the city’s largest (and only) monthly event. With our help, this celebration of local culture and creativity has not only stayed alive; It has thrived. We’ve achieved all of this by bringing the best, the brightest, and the most creative Las Vegas locals to the table.

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